February enrollment start dates for Kids and Teens

Korijeni Berlitza
28. December 2018.
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27. July 2019.

February enrollment start dates for Kids and Teens

We all know that the start of a New Year can be a handful, but it can also bring new opportunities our way. This is why Berlitz is here to offer you endless opportunities! We offer language courses to teens and kids of all ages where they will acquire new knowledge, sharpen their skills, and have a new outlook towards different cultures in their future travel endeavors.

Registration starts February 5th, 2019. Discounts will be provided for those that sign up during the month of February. Parents remind your children to bring their creativity along with their vivid imagination!

In the meantime expect Berlitz to surprise you with what we have in store for you! Let Berlitz take you on a new adventure! SIGN UP HERE.

If you have any questions please contact us using the info below.

Tel: +387 51 492 521

E-mail: info@berlitzbanjaluka.com

Wish you all the best!

Your Berlitz Team