Face-to-Face Group Instruction


It’s time for Berlitz!

Learning a foreign language is a challenge. Time for challenges has come, it’s time for Berlitz!

Whether you are a beginner or you have previous knowledge of foreign language Berlitz offers you courses tailored for your needs. Improve communication, expand vocabulary, master grammar and gain confidence in speaking!


Berlitz standard – world standard

Set high goals for yourself and achieve them with famous Berlitz Method®!  With more than 135 years of devoted work, Berlitz had developed a method for 10 levels for every language we teach. Most importantly, Berlitz levels and certificates are recognized worldwide, so employers and students can be sure of our evaluation.

Forget the excuses, speak with confidence!


Maximize your confidence to speak

The Berlitz Group Instruction offers you a comfortable group setting where you are immersed in the new target language, learning to speak intuitively, through conversation. Classes take place in one of our language centers at regular and fixed times. Your fellow participants are at a similar level of proficiency, which helps to keep you motivated and engaged as you progress together. In no time you will be speaking with more confidence, both during your lessons and in your day-to-day life.


Benefits of our Group courses

  • Effective learning for all levels of proficiency using the Berlitz Method®
  • Qualified native speaker trainers for constant support
  • Learning materials adapted to your objectives and interests


Continued support from your Berlitz Trainer

Every Berlitz trainer determines what course content is most suitable for any given group and facilitates the learning process by engaging you on a level beyond simple language acquisition. By choosing topics that interest you, you stay motivated and absorb the language easily, also acquiring an understanding of different cultures. Thanks to your trainer’s continuous feedback and the support of the whole Berlitz staff, you will achieve your desired language goals quickly and efficiently.

The Group Instruction provides a friendly and productive environment to learn a new language together with other trainees at similar levels. Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information and book a group course today.


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Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information and book one of our courses today.

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