Berlitz Global Adventure, English for Kids Ages 8-11


Explore what the world has to offer

The Berlitz Global Adventure English program is designed for children ages 8-11. It creates a richly imaginative environment where kids are invited to explore the world around them. Program consist 4 level of fun and fascinating information about real world, with exeptional video materials. It gives kids a chance to learn English language, acquiring skills and knowledge to understand the world around them. This is a true hands-on experience for your child that will serve them well in our international world. Using age-appropriate content developed in collaboration with National Geographic, Berlitz Global Adventure expands their horizons and teaches them valuable communication skills. Kids are engaged and motivated whilst developing their ability to speak English. It’s a colorful and meaningful insight into the diverse world they call home!


The benefits of the Berlitz Global Adventure

  • Age-appropriate program, designed for children ages 8-11
  • Qualified native speaker teachers specializing in child education
  • Kids are encouraged to speak the majority of the time during lessons
  • Self-study support through student book, workbook, CD and multimedia activities


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