Mimi & Me, program for Kids Ages 4-7


Give your child a head start for school and in life

Children have a natural gift for acquiring new languages. The Berlitz English program for kids ages 4-7 – Mimi & Me, brings that talent to the surface. Mimi & Me programs consists of Starter program for kids age 4 and 5 and Primary program for kids age 6 and 7. In this exciting, innovative, and fun language course, children learn how to speak and interact with natural ease. Mimi & Me classes are based on the famous Berlitz Method® and the most recent pedagogical research. Lessons are like playtime with friends, even though your child is learning the most! The program is effective for schools, groups and individual students.


Key aspects of Mimi & Me

  • Learning through exciting stories, games, songs and playful activities
  • Focus on conversation with positive reinforcement
  • Building up confidence to speak in English with the Berlitz Method®
  • Activation of kids natural ability to learn languages


Understanding how children learn

Learning a language and understanding a culture is a huge advantage in our global society, and the earliest we lay the groundwork for learning the better. The Berlitz Kids & Teens instructors are specially trained to teach children. They use fun, creative stories, songs and games to activate your child’s imagination, teaching them to speak English naturally. They get involved with the exciting adventures of the characters Mimi, her brother Mani, and her friends, Peppy and Ziggy. Language learning is relevant, accessible, and fun! You will be impressed by their swift improvement thanks to constant updates on their learning progress.


The Mimi & Me program is a blast for every child involved. Contact your local Berlitz center today to give your child an opportunity to last a lifetime.



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